Dr. med. Monique Stengel, Dermatologie Starnberg

Dr. Monique Stengel, MD

Dr. Monique Stengel is a board-certified dermatologist who has specialized in skin cancer prevention, dermatologic and laser surgery as well as cosmetic dermatology for over 10 years. She is an expert with laser procedures, cosmetic injectables, tattoo removal, and skin tightening treatments.

For each of her patients, Dr. Stengel creates an individualized plan based on their unique dermatologic goals. Every patient is considered special with their personalized needs. She uses state-of-the-art procedures and innovative techniques that are designed to ensure natural-looking results.



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatochirurgie

Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft

International Dermoscopy Society

Dr. med. Monique Stengel Team: Karla Will

Karla Will

medical assistant

  • 1989-1992 training as medical assistant in a dermatologic practice, Munich
  • 1992-1996 medical assistant in a dermatologic practice as well as in allergology, phlebology and venerology, Munich
  • 1996-2002 medical assistant in a surgical practice with focus on proctology, Munich
  • 2002-2013 medical assistant in a dermatologic and vascular surgery practice, Munich