Scars are can occur on the skin after inflammation or injury such as a surgical procedure or acne. There exist several treatments to reduce the look of scars, but there are no options to remove scars completely.

Possible Treatments for scars include:

Sun Protection: after inflammation there can be residual pigmentation specifically in patients of dark skin types. It is essential to keep healing scars out of the sun to reduce this pigmentation for example by using daily sunscreen or sun protective clothing.

Silicone: Topical silicone sheets can reduce the appearance of some scars is topical silicone sheets.
Cortisone injections into keloids or hypertrophic scars performed in the practice can soften the scar and flatten it to minimize the appearance, but will not impact the color or size. Several treatments may be necessary.

Options for acne scarring are chemical peels, micro-needling and some laser procedures.

Duration of treatment:

Several sessions are required at intervals of a few weeks. The procedure is suitable for the treatment of sunken in acne scars or delicate superficial wrinkles as well as  for the so-called stretch marks.